Get in the game... Get Game Plan Program®

Game Plan helps you to gain control and visibility of custodial operations, justify the labor required, and boost the productivity of your employees.

Easy to learn - Program leads you through the process
Easy to implement - Embedded cleaning standards and tasks
Fantastic support - Data collection, onsite training, and technical support

Work-loading and Allocation

Improve Productivity

  • Schedule routine and project tasks
  • Balance workloads
  • Generate and print work assignments

Labor and Cost Estimation

Justify Resources


  • Calculate employee and budget needs
  • Perform "what-if scenarios"
  • Analyze trade-offs between cost and cleanliness


Measure Performance


  • Smart-phone or PC-based inspections
  • Capture critical observations
  • Flag rooms for immediate attention


Close the Gap Between Outcomes and Expectations

  • Real time reporting
  • Analyze employee and enterprise-level performance
  • Optimize for continual improvement