The Future of Clean has Arrived

Future of Clean Future of Clean
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Marketing Director
Feb 28, 2019

Cleanliness drives food safety. Did you know that one in six people suffer from food poisoning in the U.S. each year?  The primary cause of food poisoning, which results in lost productivity and profits, is a lack of hand hygiene. Yet the problem is that you only notice cleanliness when it’s no longer present, and therefore too late.

The question is how to make the invisible visible in order to ensure food safety and brand protection. The answer is the Internet of Things (IoT). Here I’ll explain how the IoT can improve food safety and in turn, your business.

A Connected Future

The IoT connects computing devices with everyday objects to pull data and insights. In foodservice operations, the IoT will revolutionize how we clean and measure cleaning outcomes, as well as other key kitchen operations like dishwashing and temperature control. The IoT can also alleviate training issues. The cleaning industry employs 800 million workers, many of whom are illiterate or do not speak the native language. Imagine being able to remotely train workers via a smartphone device and troubleshoot issues in the kitchen without having to be onsite. This is the reality of the IoT.

The Internet of Clean

The Internet of Clean™ (IoC) is Diversey’s IoT platform that connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons, and other cleaning tools and devices. Thanks to the IoC, foodservice operations can become proactive in monitoring important tasks.

Application examples include:

  • The connected soap dispenser: We all know the challenges of hand washing compliance among employees and guests. Smart dosing and dispensing systems allow businesses to remotely track the rate of hand soap usage. This allows for higher levels of food safety thanks to clean hands, and higher levels of guest satisfaction by ensuring that dispensers are never out of soap. Learn about IntelliCare™ here.
  • Connected warewashing:  Too often, dishes need to be rewashed due to food particles remaining. This drives up water and chemical usage and energy costs. With connected warewashing solutions, managers can monitor key aspects of the dishwashing process, like temperature, and make appropriate adjustments to ensure continuity of operations and reduce costs, breakage and rewash rates. Learn about IntelliDish™ here.
  • Food safety and quality monitoring:  Businesses can now digitally oversee food safety and quality through self-auditing, HACCP management and temperature monitoring solutions. These solutions and the data that they provide will enhance transparency, minimize risks, drive consistency and efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. Learn about IntelliConsult™ here.


Transforming the Industry

By making the invisible visible, the IoC will help restore the value of clean. It will transform cleaning processes to improve food safety levels across the board. By doing so, it will protect brands and improve customer satisfaction, while also saving water and energy, increasing labor productivity and enhancing employee training.

To learn more about the Internet of Clean platform, Click Here