Join Diversey in celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day 2023


Diversey, a member of the World Health Organization's Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS), is committed to raising awareness about the importance of practicing good hand hygiene. Through this year's World Hand Hygiene Day campaign on May 5th, with the theme "Accelerate Action Together," Diversey seeks to increase understanding about the significance of hand hygiene and its role in saving millions of lives each year when performed at the right moments during healthcare delivery.


Hand hygiene not only protects the health of patients and healthcare workers but also acts as a gesture of respect for those under care. Given the critical time for global action, Diversey believes there is no better time than now to accelerate the implementation of hand hygiene and close gaps in infection prevention and control. While there has been strong engagement across the world and some incredible advancements, missed hand hygiene moments still create unnecessary risks. Therefore, Diversey calls for more action.


Together, we can galvanize action on preventing infections and antimicrobial resistance in healthcare. This World Hand Hygiene Day 2023, we invite everyone to join the campaign and accelerate progress toward achieving effective hand hygiene at the point of care.






Diversey is proud to support World Hand Hygiene Day for the 11th consecutive year. Our partnership with the World Health Organization through the POPS initiative aims to harness industry strengths to align and improve the implementation of WHO recommendations in different parts of the world, including in the least-developed countries.


Diversey plays a significant role in the provision of hand hygiene globally through its extensive footprint. As of today, the company reaches 33 billion hands every year, providing reliable hand hygiene through globally-trusted hand care formulations widely used in hospitals, care homes, and other settings where infection prevention is critical. These solutions include a complete set of color-coded soaps, disinfectants, sanitizers, and creams meeting a wide range of international infection prevention standards.


While effective products are essential, they are only part of the solution. The aim is to make it easy for anyone to achieve effective hand hygiene whenever required. Professional dispensers offer many long-term benefits, including adjustable dose settings that provide consistent and reliable dosing at the required quantity, features that maintain continuous product availability, and the ability to be mounted on walls in key locations or on adjustable floor stands to increase accessibility.



IntelliCare Dispenser




Diversey's IntelliCare dispenser system, for example, offers a contactless dispenser that can also be pressed manually, so it can be used even when the batteries need changing. The system alerts team members when the battery or product levels get too low, minimizing the risk of flat batteries and ensuring continuous product availability. 


Because at Diversey we never want a hand hygiene opportunity to be lost. After all, there is nothing more precious than health, and We GO beyond CLEAN to take care of What's Precious!



Diversey Taking Care of What's Precious