[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]: Track Treatment Part 2 - Technical Considerations to Achieve Packaging Line Success

fallen bottles on packaging conveyors fallen bottles on packaging conveyors
Apr 14, 2023

In Part 2 of our track treatment webinar series, Detlef Geerlings covers the technical aspects of running a successful packaging operation, including the relationship between lubrication and coefficient of friction, the ideal approach per packaging format and how to get the most out of the track treatment system. You can watch Part 1 here.


The demands of the modern packaging department transportation system far exceed simple lubrication. The variety of packages, handling methods and line speeds all demand a holistic approach with a system that delivers maximum efficiency in the most cost-effective way.


Why is Coefficient of Friction an Important Measurement for Packaging Line Lubrication? 


Coefficient of Friction (CoF) is the force that opposes the movement of two contacting bodies in relative motion. We manage CoF with lubrication to help with package stability and reduce the impact of the weight of the packages on the conveyor belts and wear strips. 


You can watch the recording of our webinar below. If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to foodbev@diversey.com.




If you have any questions or would like further information on our track treatment approach, please feel free to email them to foodbev@diversey.com.