International Day of Women and Girls in Science - Nastasia Ramsamy

International Day of Women and Girls in Science International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Feb 10, 2022

To mark the 7th International Day of Women and Girls in Science we would like to introduce you to two members of our team who look after customers in the brewing and beverage sector.

This year's theme, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Water Unites Us, is particularly suited to Gemma and Nastasia who regularly review and optimize customers' hygiene protocols to ensure they are minimizing water consumption and recommend solutions for water reuse and treatment requirements throughout the production plant


Nastasia Ramsamy

Nastasia Ramsamy | Sector Lead for Brewing and Beverage, Southern Africa


What did you study?


Chemical Engineering


What makes you most excited about working with this company?


I believe that Diversey truly cares for people and the environment. During the pandemic, we actively participated in making the world a safer and healthier place to live in. We make a difference to people’s lives every day. I am also of the belief that an engaged team is a high performing one.


Our company has really driven team engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion; and because of this, the results follow. I also love that our CEO and SLT are so involved in driving the above and are remarkably leading by example. This makes it easy for us to catch the vision and run with it. 


How did you end up here? Why did you become a scientist? What drew you to this field? 


I have always had an inquisitive mind. I discovered this during physical science, chemistry and maths in school, university and post-grad. I always got to solutions, and questioned solutions, using alternative methods which perplexed lecturers.


Although I am now in a sales role after a number of years in the technical/scientific space, I love being able to go onto current and new customer sites to fully understand how their process works and how we can support their needs. 


Share a turning point or defining moment in your work as a scientist?


When I first started my career as a female engineer, I was met with a fair amount of negative bias. My co-workers resisted ideas and constantly questioned my capability. After a couple of months, I took a decision that I would put my best foot forward, be relentless in my approach to drive results, be hands-on, support my solutions with facts and conviction, and reach out for support when needed. This was a major turning point as I proved to myself and to all around me that I could rise above negative opinions/biases and demonstrate that women are just as capable in the engineering field. 


Do you think that women in science still have disadvantages nowadays?


Yes, the journey of diversity, equity and inclusion is a new one. In many countries, it is still frowned upon for women to study a science degree, as well as work in the field. My hope is that as more multi-national organizations drive the need for equality and the value it brings, the quicker we can change the world. 


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