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Joe Frazier
Sales Director - Hospitality & Food Service
Jun 11, 2019

Image is everything when it comes to running a successful restaurant. That means that your restrooms should be given as much thought as your dining areas and kitchen. Follow these best practices to ensure that your reputation doesn’t tank when guests use your facilities.


Small Space, Big Impact

According to a 2018 Harris Poll, 89% of Americans say that negative online reviews about restrooms would deter them from visiting a restaurant. This proves that restroom cleanliness can have a powerful impact on a restaurant’s long-term success. Providing a pleasant experience to patrons keeps them satisfied and safeguards against negative online feedback that can reduce foot traffic and sales.


Restrooms usually take up only 5% of facility square footage, but contain 20% of the soil and are the source of over 80% of maintenance complaints. By design and function, many restroom surfaces like sinks, paper towel dispensers and toilets collect soils and germs that need to be regularly removed. Due to the array of surfaces, the range of soils encountered and the levels of clean to be achieved, your restaurant needs a maintenance program that incorporates numerous cleaning methods, products and tools. 


Wowing with your Washrooms

The following best practices can take your restrooms from passable to perfect:

  • Make everyone aware of your cleaning standards. Higher performance can almost always be linked to accountability, so openly and proactively communicate with employees about your organization’s cleanliness, safety and sustainability commitments. This will encourage them to work towards these same goals. Then, work with partners who are committed to the success of your business, and regularly share both positive and negative feedback with partners to help them improve their service.
  • Keep the necessary products well stocked. It’s best to have a range of products in your cleaning arsenal, including a general purpose cleaner, disinfectant cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner and specialty cleaners, such as lime and scale removers.
  • Follow product instructions. Mixing cleaning chemicals containing ingredients like bleach with other cleaning products may create a dangerous chlorine gas. Become familiar with a product’s directions and Safety Data Sheet before use and follow all label instructions. Products are carefully formulated to have a strong effect only when used at the right concentration, on the right surfaces, in combination with the proper protocol.
  • Clean even when dirt isn’t noticeable. A restroom can look clean but still be home to germs that can be carried out of the restroom and make patrons sick. Have employees follow a cleaning schedule and log regular cleanings so that restrooms are frequently wiped down from top to bottom, even when they appear clean.
  • Fix issues as quickly as possible. A healthy, hygienic restroom requires functioning plumbing, stocked essentials and dispensers in working order. Regularly checking in on restrooms allows staff to quickly address issues like toilet clogs, empty toilet paper dispensers and slippery floors that can impact customer satisfaction and safety. The more efficiently these are dealt with, the fewer customers will be exposed to an unpleasant restroom experience.


Your customers should always be greeted with a clean and sanitary restroom at your restaurant. By following the above best practices, you can ensure that your restrooms wow patrons rather than driving them away from your business.


Diversey prides itself on always offering its customers Service Excellence, industry expertise, accountability, transparency and clear communication. For more information about restroom solutions, visit www.diversey.com/solutions/building-care/restroom-care or contact your Diversey representative to learn more about how we can elevate cleanliness for your business.