What Value Does IntelliCIP™ add to CIP Data?

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Oct 28, 2021

Diversey IntelliCIP is the ‘plant manager’s cockpit’. It collects CIP cleaning data and sorts it so that it can be easily visualized to quickly review compliance against validated parameters and dig deeper to find opportunities for optimization. 


Essentially, it can provide peace of mind and a documented audit trail that each CIP has met its targets (really beneficial for GMP, HACCP and ISO reporting). 


But IntelliCIP’s real power lies in the analysis views and tools that prompt you to ask questions about why the process behaves the way it does, and more importantly, why doesn’t it behave as it should?


What do we mean when we say ‘compliance against validated parameters’?


Having up-to-date, validated cleaning protocols are a key part of a food, beverage or dairy processor’s GMP (good manufacturing processes). The protocols detail the requirements to achieve hygienically clean production lines to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They include the cleaning parameters to make the process effective:


  • Temperature: The minimum and maximum temperature that the cleaning solution needs to reach
  • Conductivity: The minimum and maximum strength of the chemical solution
  • Time: The length of time that each step in the CIP process should last (rinse, alkaline wash, rinse, acid wash, rinse, disinfect/sanitize, rinse).


Typically, these validated parameters are programmed into the CIP automation system and then the cleaning runs are expected to behave accordingly. But how do you actually know if the process is always correct and meets the validated parameters every time? Enter the IntelliCIP Compliance View and Report.


Using an intuitive traffic light system, you can quickly and easily see which CIPs meet the parameter thresholds for the expected duration and which do not. When you see a green dot, you know that the CIP was completed as per the cleaning protocol. However, if you see a red dot indicating that something did not run as expected, you can drill deeper to uncover the offending parameter(s) and what happened.


intellicip compliance report


IntelliCIP enables you to manage issues by exception to quickly uncover what went wrong.