Why Your Business Needs a Robotic Team Member

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Ryan Greenawald
Director – Facilities and Machines Marketing
Jul 14, 2021

What could you accomplish if you had more time and energy to dedicate to your work? Hiring a robotic team member for cleaning can make this dream a reality. At the touch of a button, robotic floor care machines can begin cleaning a facility while you move on to other key cleaning tasks, doubling productivity with the same amount of labor. Whether you manage cleaning for a university, hospital or hotel, investing in a robotic floor care machine benefits both the environment and your business, saving valuable time, labor costs and resources.


The Benefits of Robotic Machines

Improved Efficiency

Your time is valuable, and using a robotic floor care machine allows you to make the most of it. While the machine takes care of the floor, employees who once operated machines are now free to handle important tasks throughout the rest of the facility, such as restroom maintenance, trash disposal and surface cleaning. With a single tank fill eliminated, a machine with TASKI® IntelliFlow™ technology can reduce 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning time per shift. Remote monitoring and wireless diagnostics also reduce downtime, allowing employees to track operations from wherever they are and get machines back in action faster.


Facilities using Diversey’s autonomous TASKI® SWINGOBOT 2000 machine have reported as much as an 85 percent reduction in labor costs. These intelligent machines provide consistent, dependable cleaning results so that you don’t have to worry about dirt or excess water being left behind on floors. Adding a robot like the SWINGOBOT 2000 machine to your team strengthens your workforce and improves the efficiency of your cleaning routine, thereby driving down costs.


Environmental Responsibility

Today’s advanced machines are better able to control water and chemical delivery. Precise doses of cleaning chemicals are dispensed every time, eliminating the risk of human error. Robotic scrubber drier machines also significantly reduce water use, reducing their environmental impact. TASKI® floor scrubbers with IntelliFlow™ save an average of 76 percent in water and chemical use compared to floor scrubbers without the technology.


Enhanced Safety

Robotic floor cleaners offer increased safety compared to machines operated by people. While employees can become distracted, machines reliably detect obstacles and maneuver around objects and people to prevent injuries to the operator or bystanders. These machines can be programmed to follow specific maps or operate without a plan in place, and can swivel and turn easily to avoid bumping into things.


Features to Look For:


As you prepare to invest in a robotic cleaner, make sure it is equipped with the following essential features:

  • Sensors. A robotic floor care machine should come equipped with numerous sonar, laser and touch sensors that give the machine a 360° view of the facility. Sensors ensure that the machine can detect and avoid people, obstacles like desks and unsuitable pathways like stairwells while it follows its cleaning route. In doing so, the machine can work autonomously while preventing potentially costly or productivity-killing mishaps.
  • Wireless communication. Machines with remote monitoring and reporting help you keep track of your assets and easily pull key analytics. Look for systems like TASKI® Intellitrail® that offer detailed record keeping, machine reporting, geolocation, battery level, crashes and diagnostics. The sooner an employee is alerted about operational problems or maintenance needs, the quicker the machine will be back up and running.
  • Emergency stop button. For an added level of safety, your robotic team member should be equipped with an emergency stop button. If necessary, the user can stop the machine remotely to avoid any potential accidents.
  • Eco features. Make sure to find a machine that utilizes environmentally friendly technology that can make adjustments to decrease water and chemical consumption to not only reduce your costs but also unnecessary waste.


Smart, reliable and hands-free cleaning machines allow your business to increase productivity and truly multitask. Not only can these machines clean at a lower cost in the same amount of time compared to your workforce, they impress staff members, visitors and occupants of your facility. To learn more about how robotic cleaning can benefit your business and find a machine that fits your needs, visit www.taski.com.