World Patient Safety Day 2023: Elevating the Voice of Patients

Emma Barrett
Global Market Associate Director for Healthcare and Infection Prevention
Sep 15, 2023


As World Patient Safety Day 2023 draws near, we at Diversey, a Solenis Company, are proud to join the international community in amplifying the voice of patients and acknowledging their vital role in enhancing healthcare safety. This year, we rally behind the theme "Engaging patients for patient safety," underscoring the transformative power of active patient participation.


Research consistently points to the fact that active patient engagement can lead to significant improvements in safety, satisfaction, and health outcomes. Healthcare providers can unlock valuable insights and foster patient-centered care when patients are involved in their own healthcare journey.


In line with the World Health Organization's (WHO) slogan "Elevate the voice of patients!", we also urge all stakeholders to increase patient engagement. We believe in giving diverse patients, their families, and communities a platform to voice their concerns and preferences and in involving them in policy formulation and co-designing safety strategies.


Engaging patients and their families is key to eliminating avoidable harm in healthcare. By acknowledging its critical role, we can improve safety, patient-centeredness, trustworthiness, and equity within healthcare systems.


World Patient Safety Day, first established in 2019, has evolved into an impactful global public health day. It aims to raise awareness, enhance understanding, and foster global solidarity to improve patient safety and reduce harm. As a proud member of the Private Organizations for Patient Safety (a WHO initiative), Diversey actively supports these goals.


The objectives of World Patient Safety Day 2023 include raising global awareness about the need for patient engagement, fighting misinformation, and advocating for environmental and hand hygiene to reduce the spread of infections. We also aim to engage stakeholders, such as policy-makers, healthcare leaders, workers, patients' organizations, civil society, and more for safer healthcare.



To empower patients, they must be equipped with tools, information, and support, enabling them to become partners in their care and advocates for safety. By ensuring that hand hygiene solutions are available at the point of patient care for healthcare workers, patients, and their visitors, we can limit infection spread and improve healthcare outcomes.


We also advocate for urgent action aligned with the Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021–2030. This includes prioritizing patient and family engagement and implementing strategies for enhanced safety and well-being.


Our commitment extends beyond supporting global initiatives. We are dedicated to creating safer environments, developing innovative products, and educating stakeholders on the importance of cleanliness in healthcare. We GO beyond CLEAN, providing solutions to create safe environments that facilitate healing and minimize the risk of infections.


Lastly, we believe that patient engagement is a shared responsibility. We provide products and solutions that encourage patient participation in maintaining cleanliness. Through education, we underline the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in infection prevention.


Patient safety is a global health priority, and everyone has a role to play. Let's work together to elevate the voice of patients and create a safer healthcare future. 



We GO beyond CLEAN to Protect Health and Well Being!