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Hygiene Academy

The Hygiene Academy holds a global committee of experts covering:

  • Infection Prevention expertise
  • Food Safety expertise
  • Kitchen Care applications expertise
  • Fabric  Care applications expertise
  • Facility applications expertise
  • Floor Care Machines expertise
  • Personal Hygiene expertise
  • Industry expertise


Our team can also design and produce custom e-Learning courses for customers at a price based on time and effort. We offer a complete solution with control no other company can match.

  • Online training platform
  • Unique training content
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Customization
  • Customer control that no other company can match.


Our Hygiene Academy is supported by a team of R&D scientists and Regulatory experts:

Peter Teska | Global Application Expert Infection Prevention
Sylvia van den Heuvel | Global Application Expert Linen and Laundry
Nikos Pastras | Global Application Expert Laundry
Joop Hormann | Global Application Expert Laundry
Rob Cross | Global Application Expert Water & Energy
Paul Martorano | Global Application Specialist Facilities & Machines
Bert ten Voorden | Global Application Expert Kitchen
Axcel Schmitz | Global Application Expert Facilities & Machines
Doug Marzec | Global Industry Expert Food Service
Henrique Pipger Abreu | Global Industry expert Hospitality
Dale A. Grinstead | Ph.D. and Senior Technology Fellow
Daniel Daggett | Executive Director Sustainability


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