Deosan® Cleaning in Place (CIP) / Parlour Hygiene

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Tackle the Bacterial Threat and Milk Stone Deposits


The milking plant needs to be cleaned to a good level of hygiene. Failure to thoroughly clean the parlour and all equipment will lead to an increase in bactoscan levels in milk, which can result in reduced payments, and leave fat deposits in the plant which can harbour bacteria. Our CIP/parlour hygiene products have been developed to meet the evolving needs of parlour hygiene and the dairy farmer:


  • Tackle both organic soiling and scale (milk stone) deposits that lead to inefficiency and fuel bacterial growth.
  • Use a combination of a detergent/disinfectant and an acidic descaler that are suitable for your farm conditions and equipment.
  • Use ingredients that protects the raw milk and ultimately the finished product and does not attack the expensive components in the parlour.
  • Be cost-efficient