Deosan® Intelligent CIP

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Combined Morning and Evening Parlour CIP Regime


Until now maintaining a clean, hygienic parlour involved a trade-off: using aggressive cleaning chemicals that deliver the optimum clean versus managing the residues these chemicals leave and protecting your parlour equipment. Managing this balance could be difficult, costly and time-consuming.


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The Deosan® Intelligent CIP package delivers the best of both in order to drive revenue from your milk and maintain its quality. Robust, formulated chemicals to tackle soils, scale and microorganisms and deliver cleaner milk, while ensuring your parlour is protected. The kindest most efficient clean available to the market.


AM and PM regime


To maintain a clean parlour you need to address both milk soils and water scale. The most efficient way is to implement a morning and evening regime to tackle each independently whilst maintaining overall parlour cleanliness. The combination of Deosan Diamond and Deosan® Phos Clean Duo delivers the optimum solution.


AM > Deosan® Diamond


  • High-impact liquid caustic designed to replicate the power of a powder with the flexibility of a liquid
  • Saponifies fats to aid removal and keep soils in solution
  • Optimal chlorine balance to ensure protein removal and protect your product
  • Proven to reduce bacteria count
  • Unique sequestrant system to inhibit scale build-up
  • Rapid active delivery for any size of parlour
  • Temperature tolerant formulation


PM > Deosan® Phos Clean Duo


  • Combined cleaner and descaler for evening acid wash
  • Promotes effective detergent clean whilst protecting other working parts in the parlour that other acids will attack
  • Rapid action surfactant system that removes scale with speed and efficiency
  • Removes the need for separate descale treatment
  • Suitable for all plants and systems including milking robots