Deosan® Target

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Modern Teat Disinfection


Deosan Target: the new family of teat disinfectants from Deosan. Developed to tackle the current and future needs of the modern dairy farm. It's time to move away from the old fashioned high active, high emollient concept of traditional teat dips and take a more targeted approach.


Deosan Target addresses the specific and unique needs of both cows that are housed and cows that are grazed. The greater and more extreme weather challenges we are seeing leads to more intense temperature variation and more soiling. If soil is not removed then disinfectant and skin conditioning efficacy is diluted and sometimes wasted.


Keeping the welfare of the animal, the environment and the milk consumer at the forefront; Deosan Target utilizes modern refined ingredients and removes those that are considered harmful, whilst ensuring that the cows' natural defences against mastitis are fully supported.


Deosan Target Barrier


  • Ready to use, fast-acting, chlorhexidine biocide barrier dip.
  • Efficacy tested: EN1656 Bacteria and EN1657 Yeast.
  • Ensures thorough teat skin protection, particularly from weather extremes and challenging management and lactation periods.
  • The deep colour gives a clear indication that the teats have been dipped effectively.
  • Product is retained on the teat where it is needed; more effective with little waste.
  • Glycerol and Allantoin combination delivers fast skin rehydration after milking, promoting superb, silky teat condition.


Deosan Target Pre Post


  • Highly effective Chlorhexidine Biocide for protection of animal welfare, highly effective when cows are housed.
  • For use either before or after milking (or both) as a dip, spray or foam.
  • Contains Deosan soil removal technology, delivering rapid soil removal before and after milking*.
  • Uses unique high bubble foam technology, giving longer lasting stable foam on the teat (where foamed) and supports rapid soil removal.
  • Fast acting and long lasting bug kill. Effective even where there is soiling.
  • Promotes brilliant skin condition: unique formulation avoids skin de-fatting commonly caused by other teat disinfectants.
  • Delivers proven and improved efficacy versus traditional teat disinfectants.


*Milk soils removed in post milking application


Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.