Deosan® Triathlon Natural Teat Disinfection

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Plant-Based, Food-Safe Natural Teat Disinfection


The daily process to deliver high-quality milk involves the use of both antibiotics and chemicals to disinfect teats. This results in a challenge between high-quality milk production and the consumer's preference for a natural product.

Deosan Triathalon is a natural teat disinfection product which improves milk quality and the health of the herd.


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  • Aggressive bacteria control: Deosan Triathlon promotes better hygiene for your head, defending against mastitis-causing bacteria.
  • Unbeatable efficacy: Delivers a bacterial control and bug-kill to the highest standards available. Deosan Triathlon has been developed to meet rigorous trial standards in real farm environments, demonstrating an ability to cope with the greatest of soil challenges.
  • Instant disinfection activity: Instant disinfection – achieving a 99.999% bacteria kill rate within 30 seconds of contact.




  • Proven improvement in teat moisture retention to protect skin condition. Measured using Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). Unlike others, Deosan Triathlon’s active source is proven not to increase TEWL.
  • Contains no moisture reducing sulphate compounds, only natural emollients, helping to deliver a reduction in TEWL and promote all-weather skin condition control.
  • Deosan Triathlon promotes good skin condition by exfoliation to remove dead skin cells – helping to remove them on application and improving biocidal impact.




  • 100% of the formulation is biodegradable to water and carbon dioxide, with no accumulative residues in soil or on your animals.
  • 100% of raw materials of Deosan Triathlon are from renewable sources – The by-product from many plant extracts, fully renewable and widely available.
  • Natural plant-based chemistry which completely removes any residue risk. Deosan Triathlon is non-toxic – safe for your animals and safe for you to apply.
  • The natural formulation presents no food safety risk to your finished product