E-Learning For Hospitality Teams

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How Do We Solve Hospitality And Lodging Teams E-Learning Needs?


Diversey provides services and support to all the big brands in the hospitality and lodging sectors and serve hotels in over 102 countries. We have partnered with hotels for almost a century to provide the most efficient portfolio, methods and operational improvements for all departments. We know that efficient and sustainable housekeeping starts with your team knowing how to clean and solve problems using the provided products in the most efficient way.


Our new E-learning partnership with Typsy can help save time and money by (re)training your teams on how to clean a guest room efficiently. Training your teams on proper cleaning and disinfection procedures ensures the best possible outcome for your guests' experiences.

Diversey Courses on Typsy

Save time and money by educating your teams on how to clean a guest room efficiently. Make (re)training fun with these on demand styled courses. Our expert courses are for housekeeping teams, food and beverage job roles and laundry teams. Staff can even earn our Diversey Expertise certificates that are recognized by hospitality employers around the world.

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