TASKI Advance Technical Training
Event Dates: 18 - 20 October 2022 

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Event Dates: 18 - 20 October 2022 

Event Location: Fort Mill, SC 

Electronic sign up sheet: https://forms.gle/hgimDJNQjENhzfqn7


This training is meant as a further education of experienced technicians and specialists. The requirement to take part is that each participant has successfully completed the Basic/Intermediate training courses or has many years experience working on or within the TASKI service organization. This course does not cover the full disassembly and reassembly of the machines listed below. We will only disassemble as far as required to access components to successfully measure readings. 

The aim of the training is to further educate how harmonized systems work in the TASKI line. Terms and definitions and how to apply them to proper diagnostics of the Electronics, hall sensors, encoders etc. through the use of a RMS multi-meter. This will enable technicians in the field to accomplish complex problem solving with ease and confidence. 

(Prerequisite: successfully completed Basic 2 TASKI Training course)


Contents Of Training: 

  • Electronics & Software
  • Electronic diagnostics through electrical measurements
  • Train the trainer techniques for your organization
  • Understanding of PWM, CAN Bus, N-Channels, H-bridge, Probable Voltage & how they apply to the TASKI equipment
  • TASKI Swingo 2100micro
  • TASKI Swingo 4000/5000
  • TASKI Swingo XP R&M


Please send your registrations through any of the below options. If you have any questions or require assistance contact TASKI Direct.

TASKI Direct: 1-800-TASKI-US (1-800-827-5487) or email: taskidirect@diversey.com

Electronic sign up sheet: https://forms.gle/hgimDJNQjENhzfqn7


General Terms & Conditions:

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