The Current Situation In Eastern Europe: A Message From Phil Wieland, CEO Diversey

Feb 25, 2022

We have watched with great concern over the past months as the risk of crisis in Eastern Europe has increased. This week we have seen the horrific deterioration of the situation into war. 


As a company, we are deeply saddened by the current state of events.This situation affects each and everyone of us, either directly or indirectly. We can only hope that this current situation will be short-lived. 


We continue to value and advocate for an inclusive society, accepting that everyone has a right to live their lives in peace. In order for peace to reign, it remains our collective responsibility to make conscious efforts not to fan the flames of conflict which may arise as a result of cultural, social, political or economic divide. The ability to co-exist peacefully irrespective of our individual differences remains a key ingredient to our success as people, as communities and as nations. 


At Diversey, our mission to protect and care for people goes beyond our hygiene offerings. Whilst as a company, we want to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment, we recognise that this is also applicable to our external environment and in societies where we operate. 


Our heart goes out to all innocent citizens caught up in this conflict and who have been severely impacted; and to our colleagues, our customers and other stakeholders. Diversey continues to stand by you, and will provide support as we navigate these difficult times. We remain committed to playing our part to foster a peaceful and inclusive world.