Diversey Renews Commitment to Sustainability

Nov 18, 2021

Coming out of a challenging 18 months, Diversey has refined its sustainability strategy to align with the trends and to stay ahead of the curve. Having recently gone public, Diversey is poised to revamp its commitment to sustainable business practices.


Since going public, we’ve increased our focus on ESG (environmental, social responsibility, governance). In our world today, companies not only need to have a strong financial base, they are also expected to embrace sustainability and really align their solutions toward global challenges that we're facing, such as the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN Global Compact.


To learn more about our new Sustainability Commitments, read out 2021 Sustainability Report or visit the Sustainability section of our website. 


To read the full article with Dan Dagget Visit the BSCAI website here: Diversey Renews Commitment to Sustainability