Diversey Wins Asia's Community Care Company of the Year 2020

Nov 13, 2020

We are very happy to inform you that Diversey in the Asia-Pacific countries, collectively, have been awarded "Asia's Community Care Company of the Year 2020". This is a big award in the Sustainability and CSR field in Asia.

"It was a truly challenging process, as the jury members had to select winners from a pool of highly qualified and deserving participants. Your initial submission was under the “Top Community Care Companies in Asia” category. However, considering all aspects of the submission, the extensive scope and the impact of your Soap For Hope, Linens For Life and CoffeeBriques initiatives, the jury members unanimously voted to recognize your efforts under “Asia’s Community Care Company of the Year” category. Only 1 winner is selected in this category annually, congratulations; truly deserving.

You and your team have shone through and through, leading from the front and withstanding pressures of all kinds. We believe a win amidst this challenging time is a timely testament of your resilience, sending a positive message to your stakeholders. It is even more heartening that despite the current ordeals, your corporation has not forgotten your responsibility to our shared world."

The press release with full write-ups about our Soap For Hope, Linens For Life and CoffeeBriques programs can be found here.


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