Diversey and Promar International launch #WeAreDairy global initiative to celebrate the dairy industry

Feb 04, 2021

Northampton, UK: Diversey’s Deosan Agriculture hygiene brand, together with leading industry consultants, Promar International, have kicked off 2021 by launching a global initiative to recognise, celebrate and publicise the positive innovations, improvements and actions of the Dairy community that are collectively shaping the future of the industry.


The ‘We Are Dairy’ Initiative, which offers the overall winner a generous prize of $10,000, is inviting dairy farm owners, managers, employees or dairy farming groups to promote the industry by showcasing the incredible advancements being made on dairy farms and the positive impact they have on farm businesses, communities or the supply chain, on a daily basis.


Alison Cox, Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey explains, “It’s time for the industry to stand up and demonstrate the extraordinary progress we have made in the dairy sector, and the innovative ways in which farms have adapted to improve animal welfare and sustainability. 


“We are looking for dairy applicants who are excelling through improvements to the efficiency, quality or sustainability of their business.

“We’re looking for innovation, in a simple and practical form, that can be easily transferred to other dairy farm businesses and therefore deliver significant sustainable advancements. It can be anything from savings on fuel and transport or utilities to a new housing design that has seen improvement in animal health. 


Matt Sheehan, Principal Consultant at Promar International, adds, “For the dairy industry, we are living through a time of brilliant change and we want to celebrate the positives. Here at Promar International, we see a rural economy that’s brimming with opportunity and want to celebrate this with the ‘We are Dairy’ initiative. I want to encourage the industry to get behind this initiative and promote our progress to not only the farming community but also a wider audience, including consumers.”


Applications can be made by visiting wearedairy.com from early February to the end of August 2021. Judging will take place in September with five finalists selected. The overall winner will be announced in October and will receive a $10,000 prize.


The judging team comprises Alison Cox, Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey; Daniel Daggett, Executive Director of Sustainability at Diversey; and Matt Sheehan, Principal Consultant at Promar International.


To further illustrate the progress of the innovation and advancements, and promote the industry around the globe, Diversey and Promar will publish a report highlighting the impact on climate and welfare if the processes carried out by the finalists were applied by the international dairy farming community.  

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  • Alison Cox, Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey. Alison has 40 years in the dairy farm sector, including practical farm experience, consultancy, product development, pharmacovigilance and disease control.
  • Daniel Daggett, Executive Director of Sustainability at Diversey. Dan has spent 19 years at Diversey in sustainability and product stewardship, and five years in Government public health.
  • Matt Sheehan, Principal Consultant at Promar International. Matt has 30 years in the dairy sector, in farm consultancy, operations management and supply chain sustainability. Matt has worked at Promar International, Dairy Farmers of Britain, Dairy Crest and NSF international.


Press release updated February 8, 2021, to include press launch recording.




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Promar International

For more than 55 years Promar International has been a leading provider of consultancy services to farmers, food companies and retailers. With knowledge and expertise from many years of trading, providing a detailed awareness of industry changes, the team listen to and work with their clients to identify practical, effective and innovative solutions to achieve their business goals. The team comprises nutritionists, vets, agronomists, environmentalists, marketeers, financial planners, strategists, data analysts, engineers and supply chain builders. Promar International operates from the UK and works globally. For more information, visit www. promar-international.com.


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