Attac® SC High Efficiency Floor Stripper

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A powerful stripper that quickly bites through layers of floor finish, decreasing downtime and labor costs, while reducing the odors associated with floor stripping. This highly concentrated low odor floor stripper is not formulated with ammonia or butyl. Amber in color with a solvent scent.

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  • Powerful, fast-acting, low foam formula quickly bites through layers of finish as soon as it is applied
  • Delivers fast, consistent removal of floor finish
  • Not formulated with butyl or ammonia resulting in a minimal odor, suitable for facilities where odor is a concern
  • Meets Green Seal® GS 40 standard based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Designed for floor finish removal on VCT, terrazzo, and concrete flooring. Not intended for use on wood, linoleum, rubber, marble, painted surfaces, on surface colored and acid dyed concrete floors as this product may harm these surfaces. Test for softening or color bleeding on asphalt floors before using.
1 x 1.32 gal./5 L RTD®
1:13, 1:20
18.49, 27.73
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