Complex is an alkaline liquid detergent additive to caustic for all Dairy single stage CIP recovery systems. Complex is highly effective for single stage cleaning of evaporator and HTST installations. Complex is low foaming in use, hard water tolerant and is highly effective in the removal of milk soils. Complex can be used in a wide range of applications across the Food & Beverage industries.

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  • CFIA
  • Kosher


  • Low foaming, highly concentrated liquid additive to caustic that enhances detergency during Dairy CIP applications and is especially effective against heat treated soils.
  • Highly effective in removing organic and inorganic scale deposits, thus improving operational efficiency.
  • Suitable for automatic dosing and control by proportionally linking the additive pump to the caustic delivery pump, ensuring consistent delivery of product.
  • Low foaming and suitable for CIP applications under conditions of high pressure and turbulence.
  • As an additive to caustic, it can be used for all Dairy CIP systems via a ring main to give only the necessary levels of product for each individual CIP system requirements. This ensures the most cost-effective cleaning performance for each CIP operation
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • N/A
No Odor/Odorless
208 L/ 55 Gal
1 - 20 mL/L


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