Delvak cleaner is a caustic product well-suited for use in circulation cleaning of high temperature short time (HTST) units, milk and whey evaporators, deep fat fryers and pressure spray washers.

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  • CFIA
  • Kosher


  • Contains water conditioners to prevent scale and mineral film formation
  • Heavy duty formula effective at low concentration
  • Versatile, may be used for circulation and spray cleaning
  • Free-rinsing, leaves no film/residue for spot-free surface
  • Contains surfactants to speeds soil penetration
  • Contains defoaming agents to eliminate excess foam
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Circulation Cleaning: Use concentration A for circulation cleaning of HTST or vacuum pans depending upon amount and type of soils to be removed.
  • Deep Fat Fryers, Boil-Out of Cook Kettles (Jacketed Stainless Steel): Use at concentration B to clean fryers. Higher concentrations may be required to remove heavy carbon deposits. 1. Rinse kettle well with warm to hot water. 2. Fill kettle with water and add DelvakTM/MC cleaner carefully. Turn steam on jacket and raise temperature of solution to 77?88°C (170?190°F). Operate agitators. Use long handle brush carefully to brush interior and exterior of kettle. Do not operate agitator while brushing. Some kettles have inserts removable with hydraulic hoists. These should be cleanable in the kettles if the agitators do not interfere. Clean for 30?90 minutes. 3. Drain and rinse. 4. Fill kettle with water and add Descale at 1 mL/L (1 U.S. fl. oz. / per 10 U.S. gal.). Heat to 54?60°C (130?140°F) with steam jacket. Clean for 20?30 minutes.
  • Meat Packing Plants, Pan and Mold Pressure Washers: Charge and maintain solution tank at concentration C at 65?77°C (150?170°F). If soils are severely dried on, presoak pans in a detergent solution before washing. NOTE: Control foam by proper gross soil removal and with additions of AF Lotemp if necessary.
No Odor/Odorless
Drum (Powder)