Diverflow® Uniforce

Diverflow® Uniforce is a highly concentrated, low foaming acidic detergent suitable for clean in place applications in the food and beverage industry (beverage, dairy and processed foods). The advanced formulation is phosphate and nitrate free and has been developed to reduce the time of CIP programs by combining powerful detergency properties. Diverflow® Uniforce is suitable for CIP in the presence of CO2 in the brewing industry. Diverflow Uniforce is also used for CIP cleaning of fermentation vessels and bright beer tanks under CO2 pressure or atmosphere.

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  • Supports the reduction in the number of cleaning steps and temperature in many CIP scenarios. This, with its low foaming and excellent rinsing properties, reduces CIP time, energy and water consumption.
  • Effective at removing inorganic scale deposits, including calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate from fermentation tanks, maturation tanks, bright beer tanks, beer fillers and kegs
  • Low Environmental Impact as solutions can be reclaimed and reused- biodegradable and free of phosphates and nitrates.
  • Formulated to remove beer soil from fermentation tanks, maturation tanks, bright beer tanks, beer fillers and kegs.
  • Effective at temperatures up to 35°C ( 95°F)
  • Concentrations can be measured and controlled using conductivity.
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Fatty Acid
1.84-2.30 %


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