Divos® 95

Divos® 95 is a light caustic, buffered low foaming, alkaline detergent liquid, used for the cleaning of RO - NF - UF - MF membranes and is suitable for all water hardness. Divos 95 is mainly used for Dairy applications with enzymes, to improve detergency and pH control on of RO - NF - UF - MF membranes. Divos 95 can also be used for Beverage & Pharmaceutical applications.

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  • Highly effective in the removal of protein and prevents scale build-up, increasing cleaning and production efficiency
  • Enhances cleaning efficacy, improving productivity and final product quality
  • Tested on relevant high pH/temperature tolerant RO and NF membrane types and approved for use by major original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Can be used in beverage and pharmaceutical applications with Divos® 80-2 enzyme additive where organic soiling is a problem, increasing permeation rates and returning water fluxes to original values
  • When used in combination with Divos® 80-2 enzyme additive and Divos® 80-6 enzyme additive for RO or NF installations processing milk products, it increases cleaning efficiency
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Specs & Application Instructions:

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No Odor/Odorless
Drum (50-55 gal)
0.5 - 1.0% w/w (0.5 - 0.9% v/v)


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