Dry Tech TL

Dry Tech TL solution is a silicone-based conveyor lubricant for food and beverage containers. It has been developed specifically to be compatible with cans, cartons, HDPE (high density poly ethylene), and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. This product complies with 21 CFR 178.3570, lubricants for incidental food contact. NSF Nonfood Compounds Program Listed, H1 category, Registration # 144183.

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  • Kosher
  • NSF
  • Letter of No Objection


  • Provides effective lubrication ensuring line efficiency is maintained
  • Flexibility to run through all dosing application systems - nozzles and brushes
  • Reduces the risk of damage to carton pigments, polyethylene coating and the body of the carton. Also reduces risk of stress cracking and leakage with PET bottles
  • Reduces the risk of carton damage and operational problems, giving improved operator safety by minimizing the risk from slippery floors
  • Reduces water usage by 80–90 percent (depends on dilution, i.e. 1:100)
  • Suitable for use in soft and hard water conditions
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Specs & Application Instructions:

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No Odor/Odorless
1249 L / 330 U.S. Gal