Easy Paks® Neutral Cleaner

Easy Paks® Neutral Cleaner is a concentrated powdered compound that quickly dissolves in water to produce a cleaning dilution that can be varied to meet your needs. Formulated to loosen and remove soil while protecting high gloss finishes. Leaves no dulling film, even without rinsing. For surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate and vinyl to asphalt, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, marble, concrete, painted surfaces and vinyl.

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  • Phosphate-free formula leaves no dulling film, even without rinsing, just a beautiful, glossy finish and a fresh, pine forest fragrance
  • EasyPaks Neutral Cleaner combines the advantages of pre-measured with water-solubility
  • The effervescing action guarantees that both the cleaner and the packet will dissolve, quickly and completely
  • There's no guesswork, waste or messy clean up
  • The handy storage tub saves space and weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Each tub is labeled in English, French and Spanish to reduce training time and make instructions easily understandable
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Effective cleaning performance on floors, walls, counters, concrete, and other hard surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl and vinyl asbestos to asphalt, ceramic and quarry tile
2 x 90 x 0.5 oz./14.2 g Packets