EasyMop Single-use Microfiber Mop

EasyMop Single-use Microfiber Mops are for customers that demand hygienic cleaning that only microfiber can offer, but find it hard to organize the necessary laundry logistics. These single-use blended microfiber mops deliver on-demand, high-efficiency cleaning on all types of surfaces, significantly reducing overall operating costs, especially in facilities where laundering is not available or desirable. These mops offer the convenience of single-use combined with excellent cleaning performance.

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  • The premium, high quality, single-use microfiber material provides superior cleaning performance when laundering may be difficult or unavailable
  • EasyMop can hold and distribute more liquid than a typical disposable mop, covering ~180 square feet, yielding cleaning results that are comparable to those of launderable textiles
  • The EasyMops can be used damp or dry, allowing for excellent soil and pathogen removal
  • EasyMop removes germs to help prevent cross contamination in critical areas and provide a healthier environment
  • Offers fast room turnover without compromising quality
  • No binding with quats, or other chemistries, for effective disinfection
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Facilities demanding the hygienic cleaning that only microfiber can offer
  • Facilities that would best benefit from a disposable, single-use solution
  • For best results use in combination with TASKI® Jon Master UltraPlus T-Handle and UltraPlus mops frames for ergonomics and excellent maneuverability
50 pack