Extraction Rinse

Flushes out and removes detergent residues that cause resoiling. Safe on all types of carpets, including wool. Colorless with a fruity floral scent.

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  • Effective removal of hard water deposits and neutralizes residue from previous cleanings
  • Makes salt residue more soluble, meaning less passes to remove winter salt, leaving no tacky residue
  • Versatile formula strong enough for advanced generation carpet fibers at low dilution, yet delicate enough for wool carpets at high dilution
  • Slightly acidic product keeps extractor jets from clogging
  • WoolSafe approved
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For use as a powerful rinse aid
  • Safe to use on all colorfast carpets
4 x 1 gal./3.78 L Containers
1:128, 1:640