GP ForwardTM/MC SC General Purpose Cleaner

A highly-versatile general cleaner concentrate that contains a blend of high-performance detergents to effectively clean surfaces. Can be used on any water-safe surface, and has a pleasant citrus scent. Excellent for use in scrub and recoat floor care programs. Green in color with a citrus scent.

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  • General purpose cleaner for counters, tables, floors, and other hard surfaces
  • Concentrated formulations deliver powerful cleaning performance for just pennies per diluted gallon
  • Removes all types of dirt, grit, grease, and soap scum with no rinsing required
  • Green in color with a pleasant citrus scent
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For general cleaning of any water-safe surface
  • Can be used as a scrub and recoat floor care cleaner
  • Works with cold, hot, and soft/hard water in mop, bucket, autoscrubber, and trigger spray applications
6 x 32 oz./946 mL AccuMix®
1:128, 1:256