Mantis® Uplight Insect Light Trap

Attractive and stylish wall mounted insect light trap: the perfect choice for public areas where flying insect management needs to be discreet e.g. restaurants and front-of-house. Disguised as a wall sconce with a full-size glue board, and a 15-watt Quantum lamp that is hidden from view. Front cover can be painted, wall papered, or decorated to match existing decor.

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  • Wall sconce design: out of sight and disguised as a wall light for use in all public areas
  • Uses 1x15W 18" T8 Quantum Lamp, optimum performance
  • Deflector: reduces wall surfaces from discoloring
  • Lamps are interchangeable with other PestWest systems
  • UL Listed, and 3 year manufacturer warranty
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Ideal in all public areas such as as dining rooms, hallways, vestibules, waiting rooms, deli's, cafes, and bakeries
  • Catches all sizes of flying insects
1 each