R5.1 Plus Air & Fabric Freshener

Air & Fabric Freshener for lodging portfolio: Patented formula eliminates malodors by changing malodor compounds and causing them to evaporate. Eliminates malodors caused by tobacco, food, urine and body odors. Yellow in color with a fresh scent.

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  • Fast-acting odor neutralizer with a fresh scent
  • Effective against tobacco, mold, mildew, food and pet odors
  • A unique and patented chemistry physically alters malodors molecules and eliminates unpleasant smells
  • Assists in returning smoker rooms into non-smoking rooms
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Use in air or on fabrics to control odors
  • For use on carpets, curtains, sofas and in the air. Recondition curtains and carpets without the need to wash or remove
  • Product can be applied to solve strong malodor problems during normal maintenance hours with minimum disruptions to daily routine
2 x 84.5 oz./2.5 L J-Fill®


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