RESOLVE® Ultra Carpet Spot, Stain & Odor Remover Trigger Pet

Resolve® Ultra Carpet Cleaner Spot & Stain Remover Trigger Pet provides amazing stain removal the 1st time. Patented Odor Stop Technology eliminates pet odors. Freshens with a light, clean scent. Great for pet urine, feces and vomit. Discourages pet resoiling. Safe to use around pets and kids.

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  • Removes tough pet stains like vomit, feces, urine & tracked-in mud.
  • Safely cleans, deodorizes & helps prevent future soiling.
  • Great for low and high traffic areas.
  • The powerful Odor Stop technology discourages pets from re-soiling area.
  • Can also be used on area rugs.
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Carpet Spot & Stain Cleaner Pet
9 x 946 mL


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