Sani-Sure® Multi-Surface Sanitizer

Multi-Surface sanitizer: use on table tops, countertops, floors, walls, sinks, splash backs, trays and food processing/food preparation equipment, coffee makers and freezers. Odorless. Pre-measured pouch designed to help control costs, product waste and inventory. NSF D2 Listed.

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  • EPA
  • Kosher
  • NSF


  • Leaves the surface thoroughly sanitized
  • Meets all health department requirements for food service equipment sanitation
  • It sanitizes without affecting the flavor or aroma of food products
  • Pre-measured pouches for accurate and easy dilution
  • Time Released Sanitizing Compound - Used as directed, the slow releasing, active chlorine compound can remain effective for up to 8 hours
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For use on tabletops, countertops, floors, walls, sinks, splashbacks, trays and food processing/food preparation equipment such as meat blocks, grinders, saws, deep fat fryers, steam kettles, refrigerators, coffee makers and freezers
  • Sanitizes all areas of a foodservice establishment - the kitchen, the dining room and the bathroom
100 x .125 oz./3.54 g Packets