Suma® Break-Up® High Foaming Degreaser

A high-performance cleaner and degreaser for use on all hard surfaces in meat rooms and other food preparation and service areas. Recommended for supermarkets, restaurants, institutional kitchens and food processing plants.

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  • Quickly removes grease and food residue from soiled surfaces
  • Specially-formulated for removal of protein, fats and food residues
  • Rinses easily with no residues, leaving equipment and utensils clean
  • Long-lasting suds provide outstanding cleaning performance
  • Highly concentrated formula is economical to use
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Use on floors, walls, and food contact surfaces
  • Spray or spread diluted product onto surfaces to be cleaned
  • After rinsing, non-food contact surfaces may be wiped dry or allowed to air dry
No Odor/Odorless
2 x 50.7 oz./1.5 L RTD® Spray