Suma® Dumpster FreshTM/MC

Cleaner and deodorizer for dumpsters, trash cans, loading docks and concrete floors. Noticeably reduces the smell of garbage. Three-part treatment offers strong cleaner, deodorizer and bio-active, non-pathogenic (non-disease causing) formula that quickly goes to work creating enzymes to digest grease and other organic soils.

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  • Applied bacteria keep odors from coming back and clean the soil that's hard to reach
  • Cleans away organic waste that attracts rodents, insects, and other pests
  • Requires no scrubbing, just spray and walk away
  • Eliminates unbearable odors quickly and easily
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Use to clean and deodorize dumpsters, trash cans, loading docks, and concrete floors
  • For trash cans, apply product three times per week when cans are emptied
  • For dumpsters and surrounding area, apply product when dumpster is emptied
4 x 32 oz./946 mL Spray Bottles


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