TASKISUM Disposable Microfiber Mop 16 in (40 cm)

TASKISUM Single Use microfiber mops are for customers that demand hygienic cleaning that only microfiber can offer, but find it hard to organize the necessary laundry logistics. These disposable blended microfiber mops deliver rapid, high-efficiency cleaning on all types of floors, significantly reducing overall operating costs especially in facilities where laundering is not available. These mops offer the convenience of single use combined with excellent cleaning performance.

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  • The premium, high quality, disposable microfiber material made of a dense, cellulosic core provides superior cleaning performance when laundering may be difficult or unavailable
  • Core can hold and distribute more liquid than a typical disposable mop, covering approximately 215 square feet (20 square meters), yielding cleaning results that are comparable to those of launderable textiles
  • The TASKISUM mops can be used damp or dry, allowing for excellent dust and dirt pick-up and effective bacteria removal
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Facilities demanding the hygienic cleaning that only microfiber can offer
  • Facilities that would best benefit from a disposable, single use solution
  • For best results use in combination with TASKI® Jonmaster handle and frame, and TASKI Trolley accessories
25 pack