Time MizerTM/MC Spray System (Hanging Bag)

Wall-mounted, stainless steel, water-driven dilution system to accurately dilute a detergent and sanitizer in a spray cleaning application. There's no need to mix a bucket of this or a bottle of that: everything is neat and handy with the Time MizerTM/MC, and switching from one function to the next is just the twist of a handle. Chemical is dispensed automatically through the eductor based system, spend more time cleaning and avoid manually diluting concentrated products.

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  • Clean/rinse/sanitize functions are clearly labeled for easy cleaning process identification
  • The exclusive Diversey metering tip technologies ensure accurate and consistent dilution rates
  • Provides a thick, rich foam for more effective cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction for durability in even the harshest enviroments
  • Dispenses up to 35 gallons per minute
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • Large area kitchen cleaning
  • Counters, walls, floors and equipment
1 x Time MizerTM/MC Hanging Bag


Safety Data Sheets

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