Twister IntelliPad

Taski IntelliPad is a maintenance pad solution with the capability to clean and burnish protected and unprotected resilient floors. The unique formula makes the pad very durable and polishes the floor while maximizing cleanliness and appearance. Day after day, cleaning after cleaning, the TASKI IntelliPad provides an increase in metered gloss and clarity, an increase in scratch repair for all finishes, and a cleaner appearance for your floors.

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  • High quality cleaning result
  • Reduces the number of floor care pads by 70%
  • Delivers 3.5 times more cleaning than standard red cleaning pad
  • Removes microscratches from floor coatings reducing dirt embedment
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Specs & Application Instructions:

  • For use on all resillent floors
To Match Standard (TMS)
2 pads (8.86")
To Match Standard(TMS)


Safety Data Sheets

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