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Odour Control Solutions - Good Sense Professional Odour Control Solutions - Good Sense Professional

First impressions matter

Create the right one with Good Sense

Bad odours interrupt the impression of cleanliness and hygiene, even when the space has been professionally cleaned and is visually spotless.

Diversey’s Good Sense™ air care solution creates a pleasant ambience that leaves guests, customers and clients feeling bright and comfortable in your facilities. This in turn underlines your brand proposition and can encourage to stay longer, come back or approve of your business to a higher degree.

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Neutralising odours

Not masking them


Good Sense patented Odour Neutralising Technology (ONT) does not just mask bad odours but neutralises and chemically eliminates them. It encapsulates offensive malodour molecules and lets you tackle unpleasant smells instantaneously while also helping you maintain a high level of odour control in various environments.

Most importantly, our ONT technology maintains continuous chemical action over time for hidden or non-accessible places. This means you don’t have to worry about constantly reapplying to combat unfavourable smells.


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A complete scent offering

Our Good Sense range is available in five pleasant and engaging scents; Green apple, Cherry Blossom, Floral, Shea & Sandalwood and Fresh Linen. Choose your perfumes to match the preference of visitors, residents and guests or switch with the season to create some variation. Our distinct, yet discrete perfumes are developed and chosen by Diversey´s leading perfume house and match market trends.

Diversey Good Sense Scents

Harmonised product range – harmonious perception 

In order to fully leverage the Good Sense advantages, we also provide effective, highly perfumed cleaners for all hard surfaces.

By using harmonised perfumes in cleaner as well as air care solutions, a disturbing mix of scents is prevented that can occur when using different products. Nothing will interrupt your efforts to create a pleasant ambience!

Good Sense comes in different formats, to fit the various needs of your business. 

  • Aerosol Spray – instant refresh
  • Automatic dispenser – continuous control
  • Highly perfumed daily cleaner – hard surfaces


Professional air care aerosols Good Sense Diversey


A professional, more sustainable solution


Made to last longer

Good Sense lasts twice as long in the air as conventional consumer products. This supports your operational efficiency and makes it the smart and professional choice for any location. 

Compressed technology in aerosols

Good Sense 300 ml aerosols work with highly concentrated perfumes and compressed technology, resulting in small bottles that have a gauge similar to professional offerings with 500 ml content. This means a reduced need to replenish and less storage space – and makes Good Sense the more sustainable choice.

Safe and no residue

All products are pH-neutral in-use and deliver excellent streak-free cleaning results.


Good Sense – The perfect solution for day-to-day odour problems


  • Supports brand perception by enhancing the impression of cleanliness and hygiene
  • Eliminates bad odours chemically, with continuous action 
  • Five perfume options for different preferences, allow for (seasonal) variation
  • Cleaners and air fresheners with aligned fragrances, for a harmonic impression
  • Truly professional offer – supports operational efficiency & cost efficiency, provides peace of mind


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