Diversey Protect Trolley

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Introducing the all new Protect Trolley from Diversey.


Designed to bring you peace of mind where public safety is key. The enclosed concept allows for safe and secure transportation of tools and chemicals whilst bringing a professional cleaning image. The trolley is light, easy to maneuver and provides real efficiency when combined with our TASKI pre-wetted and spray & wipe cleaning  systems. The Protect Trolley offers you:



  • Safety is the most important feature of our Protect Trolley.  Not only is it fully enclosed, but doors and lids are equipped with lock and key. Preventing access both in to and out of the trolley, keeping chemicals and soiled textiles out of reach.
  • Thanks to the smooth edges and sleek design, dirt traps are kept to a minimum making it easy to keep clean and reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Being light and easy to maneuver also makes the Protect Trolley comfortable and simple to use for the operator.  
  • Tried and tested high quality wheels make the trolley easy to drive,  reducing the stress and strain of manual cleaning.



  • Already configured for use with TASKI Pre-Wetted or Spray and Wipe Systems, the Protect Trolley takes the complexity away from choosing the right solution.
  • Combined and correctly configured with TASKI cleaning systems the Protect Trolley will improve overall site productivity and efficiency.


Good Looks!

  • Discreet tones of grey allow the Protect trolley to blend into the background in a wide range of environments.
  • The attractive closed concept means that all cleaning accessories are hidden from view.  Creating a professional image for you and your customers.


Where can I use the Diversey Protect Trolley?

Building Service Contractors & Retail

  • Perfect for Airports, Shopping Malls, Stations and offices.
  • Ensuring public safety in large open areas.



  • Perfect for Hospitals and Care Homes.
  • Ensuring patient safety when transporting chemicals and soiled textiles.
  • Professional clean image in high hygiene environments.


The Diversey Protect Trolley is available in 2 configurations:


DI Protect Trolley Small - can be used for spray & wipe or pre-wetted microfibre cleaning.  Recommended for cleaning areas less than 1500m2.

DI Protect Trolley Small


DI Protect Trolley Large - can be used for spray & wipe or pre-wetted microfibre cleaning.  Recommended for cleaning areas larger than 1500m2

DI Protect Trolley Large