Machine Floor Pads Solutions

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Twister Pads

With Twister, water is all you need for daily cleaning. The fact that you won’t be needing chemicals anymore means a lot of things. From an economic standpoint, it means no more money down the drain literally. Effectively remove dirt at the same time as polishing the surface, whilst reducing total cleaning costs by up to 30%.  The flexible Twister floor cleaning pads are impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that clean and polish the floor at the same time completely without chemicals 

Twister Pads


Standard Pads

TASKI Americo Floor Pads are a complete line of traditional floor pads to meet all your floor care cleaning and maintenance requirements on any floor type. Manufactured by Americo these pads provide long-lasting performance for scrubbing, stripping, buffing, cleaning and spray cleaning. The pads are designed to provide consistent long-lasting performance and to assure high-quality results improving your productivity and reducing costs. The pads are made using 100% recycled PET plastic fibers and specially formulated to rapidly biodegrade once discarded into an active landfill.

  • Americo Black Pad: Used for wet stripping applications.
  • Americo Brown Pad: Used for wet or dry stripping applications.
  • Americo Green Pad: Used for deep wet scrubbing or light stripping.
  • Americo Red Pad: Used for light duty cleaning and buffing.
  • Americo White Pad: Used for polishing clean, dry floors.
  • Americo Dominator Pad: An extra aggressive stripping pad for heaviest duty stripping tasks.
  • Americo Remover Pad: Used to remove black marks and restore gloss in one pass. 
Americo Pads