DivoBrite Defend

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DivoBrite Defend has been developed to deliver cleaning power equivalent to the most corrosive detergents in the market, whilst protecting the glass from etching, effectively reducing glass corrosion by 50%.


The primary damage caused to returnable glass bottles is during the washing cycle where the bottles are exposed to high temperatures and harsh chemicals that begin to corrode and weaken the glass. This creates an etched surface which accelerates scuffing as bottles rub against each other during the filing process and in transit.


Traditionally, the detergents formulated to reduce this etching process have been severely compromised in their cleaning ability. This is especially true for soils such as mould and insect larvae.


Dispensed through conventional dosing equipment, the sustainable additive delivers high-performance cleaning and superior glass protection compared to conventional heavy-duty bottle washing additives at a lower consumption rate.


DivoBrite Defend Features and Benefits


  • Reduce glass scuffing and fading of ACL or logos
  • Extend the usable life of your Returnable Glass Bottle float by 50%
  • Prevent the premature culling of bottles
  • Improve line efficiency with better cleaning performance
  • Reduce carbon footprint and cost by reducing re-wash rates
  • Reduce the total cost of operation
  • Maintain the aesthetics of the bottle float
  • Maintain product quality
  • Reduce micro-contamination risks due to effective scale removal and build-up prevention
  • Improve cleaning performance with effective detergency which completely removes mold and larvae
  • Reduce the risk of EBI (empty bottle inspector) failure from scuff rings