DivoMask Returnable Glass Bottle Maskant

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Diversey DivoMask is a complete bottle maskant solution. Our unique high-shine, quick-drying and non-sticky maskant will extend the life of your bottle fleet and enhance your brand image at the point-of-sale. 


The industry average number of trips for a returnable glass bottle is twenty, with the majority of producers discarding glass when scuffing reaches between 4-9mm. With DivoMask’s unique formula and integrated application and removal system, the number of trips can be increased to, and in some case exceeds, fifty - increasing the return on investment of your fleet by up to 50%* and improving bottle appearance.


Measuring Bottle Scuffing with the Whiteness Index

Your Diversey account manager will work closely with your team to determine a measurement of acceptable scuffing in terms of light units - or a Whiteness Index. Using a hand-held spectrophotometer with a sample of SKUs, the DivoMask engineer will measure the level of scuffing at the shoulder and base of the bottle to ensure compliance within the agreed specification.


Measurements are taken from bottles straight off the production line, after warehousing and after an ice-bath test to demonstrate the effectiveness of the maskant at the point in which the bottles enter the market.


DivoMask Features and Benefits


Excellent performance under temperature changes


After bottles leave the production line and go into distribution, there is a chance that they will be warehoused or chill-stored during transportation. DivoMask application on the bottle is not affected by condensation caused by freeze-thaw and transition from chilled to ambient temperatures.

The maskant is also still intact after being submerged in iced water for 48 hours.


Non-Invasive Installation


The applicator system is designed to be retro-fit to your line without significant line alterations, avoiding additional cost and downtime. The stand-alone system is placed over a single lane
section of conveyor and is fully adjustable to ensure that the spray nozzle and air blade system deliver the optimum application for your line and bottle design.


Consistent Dilution


The applicator unit provides DivoMask consistently at a pre-set dilution which is auto-adjusted to match the bottle flow rate. The inbuilt static mixer supports dispersion of DivoMask at low flow rates.


Advanced Spray Precision


The pulse width modulation provides the flexibility to spray very small volumes of liquid with precision and avoid excess. Our application method also supports quick-drying time of the maskant so that it does not smudge when the bottles come together again on the line.


The DivoMask application system has been designed to interlock with your existing conveyor and line controls, adapting to line speed and the presence or absence of bottles to ensure economical dosing.


Innovative System Control


DivoMask system control is managed by an integrated Diversey X-controller. The X-controller fully automates the dosing and application of DivoMask and monitors the following KPIs:


  • System status
  • Detected bottle rate
  • Actual PWM ratio
  • Actual water flow
  • Actual dosed chemical ratio
  • Chemical level status
  • Actual used barrel
  • Used bottle type

In addition, the Diversey X-Controller enables remote monitoring of the DivoMask Application System, ensuring continual dosing and reducing risk to your brand from non-application.


Placement and System Requirements


Application of DivoMask is recommended post-labeller. The DivoMask application system requires electricity, compressed air, water supply and an 80cm length of conveyor track.