Dicolube Protect

Dicolube Protect lube solution Dicolube Protect lube solution

Reduce Downtime with Dicolube Protect


In the food and beverage industry, operational efficiency is critical in achieving a competitive advantage. Dairy production is a continuous manufacturing process that relies on proper machinery synchronization to ensure high production output. Clean running conveyor systems are essential in supplying product to each production step. Downtime and production interruptions can be the difference between profitability and loss. Unfortunately, conveyor chain breakage due to high weight loading and poor lubricity is a common issue and, as critical a component the conveyor may be, the miles of tracks are often overlooked or not included in a facility's cleaning SOPs.


Dicolube Protect was developed to provide adequate lubrication on soiled areas while preventing biofouling, ensure the highest production output without risking food safety and enhance the sustainability of your conveying system. Dicolube Protect combines two biocidal ingredients to ensure long-lasting cleanliness and delayed formation of soils commonly found in packaging lines. New lubrication formulation results in improved weight loading capabilities, minimizing downtime due to chain breakage.


Dicolube Protect can be used in any beverage production facility or brewery with micro concerns around a filler or in a cleanroom. Dicolube Protect provides the conditions necessary to control micro count and maintain production output.

Dicolube Protect: Your Improved Lubrication Solution


  • Improves lubrication without compromising productivity or quality standards
  • Effective in heavily soiled processing areas
  • Significant cost savings through water, chemical, and wastewater reduction
  • Enhances the sustainability of the production process
  • New & improved formula promotes efficient and effective protection from biofouling and associated soil build-up
  • Professional installation, dosage recommendations, and industry knowledge from Diversey experts
  • Does not curdle milk as typical synthetic lubes


Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.