Hygiene Academy Remote Learning
The Future of Food and Beverage E-learning

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Same Challenges, New Environment


Many manufacturers are being forced to rethink their approach to training; restricting plant access to non-essential and external entities limits the number of potential contamination and exposure events. The development of plant-specific, high-quality training is resource-intensive and, for many operations, comes with prohibitive economic hurdles. According to a recently published survey, 50% of food and beverage processors identify skilled labor as their number one challenge. This challenge is further pronounced when employee health and safety is at the forefront of manufacturers' concerns. 


As part of Diversey’s Hygiene Academy platform, the instructor-led remote learning modules utilize an e-learning environment to provide live, personalized training to manufacturing professionals. Diversey’s Hygiene Academy remote learning consists of three tiers:


Hygiene Academy Instructor Training


Tier 1: Fully virtual, instructor-led, interactive training

Integrate Diversey’s global knowledge into your operation. Facilities can now select Remote Learning modules from an extensive catalog of prepared topics, with the option to fully customize any aspect of the training materials. Custom Remote Training modules can incorporate customer’s pre-written SSOP’s and address plant-specific objectives or areas of concern.


Hygiene Academy Supplemental Training


Tier 2: Supplemental training through Hygiene Academy’s Learning Management System

Diversey’s team of subject matter experts have developed a range of supporting coursework, available through the Hygiene Academy LMS. Materials are available in multiple languages and have been accredited by the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service as "conforming to the continuing professional development principles." Courses include videos, ancillary reading, and quizzes to enhance employee comprehension.


Hygiene Academy LMS


Tier 3: Hygiene Academy, the ultimate learning repository 

The Hygiene Academy LMS supports customized learning paths specific to operation, employee, or organizational need. Create personalized curriculums by selecting supplemental learning modules that provide a foundation for additional instructor-led training. Whether pre-built or fully custom, Remote Training modules can be fully integrated into your training program. Actively manage enrollment, course selection, and monitor employee progress with the Hygiene Academy LMS.


Expert-Led. Fully Remote. Ready To Customize.

Diversey’s team of sector specialists, microbiologists, and subject matter experts will partner with you in tailoring training to fit the exact needs of your operation. Presentations can include plant-specific pictures, experts identifying good vs bad practices and assistance in developing operation-specific GMPs for specific areas of concern. Diversey’s staff of engineers and equipment professionals can also conduct industry-specific training for safe and efficient cleaning and sanitizing using proven practices.



Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.