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The Listeria Issue


Listeria monocytogenes can be considered a ubiquitous organism: widespread in nature, the environment and in living organisms. The organism has saprophytic ability, deriving nourishment from dead or decaying organic matter, and demonstrates extreme resistance to dehydration, physical agents and environmental conditions. 


Faced with a spread of microorganism so pervasive both in the environment and within our food chain, the incidence of the disease is demonstrated between 2 and 11 cases per million population per year (depending on the country) with a mortality rate much higher than other pathogens.


A practical tool to enhance food safety


SecureCheck-listeria is a unique diagnostic tool designed specifically to tackle the listeria risk in food processing. 


This targeted module of SecureCheck helps you improve and maintain food safety standards during your manufacturing process. Using a proprietary software package, our food safety specialists to carry out a comprehensive appraisal of your operation, identify risks and provide clear, practical guidance and proven solutions to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination.


Adding global expertise to local knowledge


SecureCheck-listeria opens a link to our global knowledge bank through our local food safety specialist, giving you direct access to our knowledge, experience, and expertise in hygiene, microbiology and contamination control. 


SecureCheck measures your site against the increasingly high standards being set by your industry, retailers, and constantly changing legislation. 


With SecureCheck we aim to simplify the management of food safety and hygiene at your site, helping you achieve and maintain excellent food safety standards without compromising, and often enhancing your operational efficiency.


SecureCheck-listeria monitors progress over a specified time and measures the impact and effectiveness of corrective actions. Once the initial report stage is complete, our sector specialist can implement and monitor an operational risk-management programme designed to ensure that your facility continues to function at optimum safety levels.


SecureCheck is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation. Discover more services in the portfolio.