Diversey SteamCheck

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Trace, Measure and Fix all Sources of Steam Waste


Is up to 16% of the steam you generate being lost to leaks?


Thermal energy and steam are primary resources for food and beverage processing plants. Harnessing steam is critical and losses in the distribution system negatively impact both your cost of production and sustainability.


The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 15-20% of installed steam traps fail if they do not receive maintenance every 3-5 years. The impact on your business? On average 16% of the steam you generate is lost through leaking steam traps, pipes, or valves within the distribution system*. This negatively affects the cost of generation and the load put on your boiler and distribution system.


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What is Diversey SteamCheck?


SteamCheck is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation. With Diversey SteamCheck’s steam trap survey, you will identify costly losses within the steam distribution system.


  • Improve your steam utilization
  • Measure and trace all sources of steam waste
  • Determine which incremental improvements will improve efficiency
  • Prioritize areas of improvement and take action
  • Benchmark your business against industry performance using SteamCheck’s analytic tools


When you work with Diversey to implement Diversey SteamCheck, we will test your steam generation and distribution system with ultrasonic equipment to identify each of your steam traps and determine its operation. Failed steam traps, or those opening too rapidly, have a large impact on your operational resources including:


  • Increased energy use and fuel bills
  • Higher emissions
  • Increased water, chemical treatment and effluent charges
  • Inefficient transfer of heat exchanger steam
  • Loss of steam pressure
  • Thermal losses in the condensate return system


On completion, you will receive an analysis benchmarking your performance against industry standards and a detailed report which includes:


  • Listing each steam trap on your site (make/model)
  • Identifying operation status and baseline information
  • Calculating your losses for leaking/blowing steam traps
  • Identifying other non-conformities in your steam distribution system that may include other losses to the system