Divos ACP

Membrane cleaning Membrane cleaning

Accelerated Cleaning Protocol Delivering up to 40% Reduction in Membrane Cleaning Time


Diversey Divos ACP is bringing a completely new approach for the effective cleaning of membranes used for the cold production of skimmed milk, acid and sweet whey while reducing up to 50% utility usage and up to 40% of cleaning time.


Its clever combination of chemistry removes proteins and calcium phosphate in one go while reducing the cleaning steps. Divos ACP will improve efficiency and output by reducing CIP-downtime and can improve water flux by more efficient cleaning and increase the expected membrane lifetime by safer pH control. 



Divos ACP eliminates traditional membrane cleaning protocols: our new ‘inventive step’ drastically reduces cleaning times and accelerates protein removal to an exceptionally fast 5-10 minutes instead of the existing 45-60 minutes.

food safety  residue control  operational efficiency  sustainability


Divos ACP Features and Benefits 


  • Food Safety and Residue Control
    • High-quality cleaning result, membranes are free from microbiological contamination.


  • Operational Efficiency
    • Reduces membrane CIP time
    • Increases production output
    • Contains a special blend of renewable surfactants and highly-efficient enzyme on dairy proteins.
    • Compatible and safe for all membrane types with the exception of Cellulose Acetate. 


  • Sustainability
    • Saves 30-50% in water and energy usage.
    • Free from: Phosphorous, NPE (Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates), Chlorine, or other oxidizers. 
    • Incorporates the use of bio-based surfactants.
    • Reduced plastic usage and transportation footprint due to reduced chemical requirement.
    • Reduced emissions to wastewater treatment plants.
    • Reduced chemical stress
    • Reduces chemical handling complexity
    • Reduces the time in which membranes are submitted to extreme pHs.
    • Reduces the changeover frequency of membrane elements, increasing the membrane lifespan.



Please contact your Diversey representative to confirm local product range and availability.