Diverclean Sonic

Diversey Diverclean sonic opc pre-clean Diversey Diverclean sonic opc pre-clean

Pre-clean technology for heavily soiled food processing areas 


Diverclean Sonic is a step-change in open plant cleaning procedure that challenges decades of traditional cleaning with pre-clean technology. The unique approach to cleaning, especially in heavily soiled process areas, results in significant water, chemical and wastewater savings that further the sustainability of your production process and deliver a cost saving.


With Diverclean Sonic’s pre-clean technology, you can turn cleaning time into profitable production capacity, redistributing time, labour and resources to your product whilst still ensuring hygiene standards are at their optimum.

Diverclean Sonic OPC Savings


Diverclean Sonic’s pre-clean technology relishes heavily soiled areas – tackling protein, fat and tallow soils to significantly reduce the requirement for rinse stages, resulting in a reduction in time, water, chemical and wastewater that enhances your sustainability footprint.


Diversey’s extensive experience, application support and determination to deliver the optimum hygiene results whilst reducing the sustainable footprint of every cleaning process ensures that your product and process are in safe hands.


Goedegebuur Beef Processor Reduces Cleaning Time and Improves Cleaning Result


Sander van der Matten, QESH Manager, shares his experience with Diverclean Sonic pre-treatment technology, below.



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